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    At the origin of "Le Compendium", there is certainly a desire to present a collection of ancient scientific instruments belonging mainly to the domain of Education, but there is also the need to highlight the most modest of them such as the pocket microscope. It is about small forgotten or underestimated objects that are found today in garage  sales and flea markets. Lingering over these objects, apparently unpretentious, one realizes the ingenuity which is displayed by their creators.

    Speaking about devices more impressive, such as the motor with electro-magnets, the spectrograph with quartz prism, or about the small device for observation that is the floroscope, we should not let them disappear.

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The Compendium of primary schools of yesteryear


Magnifying glasses
Cloth microscopes
Doublet magnifiers
Coddington Magnifiers
Micrometric magnifying glass
Pocket microscopes I
Pocket microscopes II
Universal microscope
Universal pocket microscope
Pocket microscope in leather holster
Seed microscope
Pocket microscope (Manufacture Française de St Etienne)
French compound microscopes
Drum microscope (L. & A Boulade)
Drum microscopes
Small compound microscope
Tilt small microscope
One pillar microscopes (Ch. Gaggini)
One pillar microscope
Naturalist microscope
Naturalist microscope (Sexer)
Double pillar microscope
Microscope study (Boucart)
Microscope study
Microscope (Bourigeaud)
Microscope (E. Leitz, Wetzlar)
Microscope (Lemardeley & Fils)
Great drum microscope
Drum microscope (L. Chevalier)
Industrial microscope (Degen)
Microscope (Georges Oberhaeuser)
Simplified achromatic microscope (N-P. Lerebours)
Travelling microscope (C. Vérick)
Microscope (R. & J. Beck)
Drum microscope (J.H. Steward)
Microscope with double vertical adjustment
Naturalist microscope (Etienne Pilot)
Universal microscope with variable magnifying power
Drum microscope (Charles Chevalier)
Small drum microscope
Microscope (Radiguet)
Dissecting microscope (Ernst Leitz, Wetzlar)
Microscope (E. Hartnack et Cie)
Microscope (Negretti & Zambra)
Bull's Eye
Microscope (W. Lawley & Son)
Dark ground illumination & vertical illuminator
Camera lucida for microscope (Nachet)
Adjustable lens holder (Nachet)
Accessories for the microscopist
Boxes for microscope slides
Terrestrial and astronomical telescope (Secretan)
Quartz prism spectrograph (Adam Hilger)
Direct vision spectrocopes (Jouan - UNIS)
Yvon Spectrometer (Ph. Pellin)
Box camera (Dubroni)
Projection apparatus
Laurent polarimeter
Camera lucida (Berville)

Colorimeter (Ph. & F. Pellin)
Refractometer (Bertrand)
Galileo telescopes
Terrestrial telescopes
Prism on stand


Dynamometers or spring balances
Steelyard ("balance romaine")
Laboratory balances ("trébuchets")
Analytic balance (Pillon & J. Velter)
Hydrostatic balance with accessories
Westphal's specific gravity balance
Laboratory balance with the base in black laquered
Surveying level (Lefebvre)
Water level survey
Surveyor's Cross
Surveyor's Cross with moveable head (Pantomètre)
Plumb lines and spirit levels
Sikes's Hydrometer
Clitographe (Lefebvre)
Set of weights (Max Kohl)
Balance (L. Exupère)
Roberval balance



Wimshurst electrical influence machine
Accessories for electrostatic
Support for experiments in electrochemistry
Magneto electric generator
Ruhmkorff's  induction coil
Induction coils for electro-medical use
Induction coil in a box
Galvanic generator for electro-medical use
Motor with electro-magnets
Resistance box (J. Carpentier)
Tangent galvanometer
Measuring instruments : voltmeters
Patent magneto-electric machine
Barlow's rotating wheel
Resistance box


Stills for wine analysis (Salleron)
Still for wine analysis (Salleron-Dujardin)
"Ebullioscope" for wine analysis (Levesque)
Steam engine (H. West)
Water bath ("bains-marie")
Funnel, hot water
Hope's apparatus

Boiling point Determination Apparatus
Black's calorimeter


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